Easter and Pirates

I can’t believe it’s Easter and still raining. I guess it’s best just to be grateful that we have not vanished into a black hole after they fired up the Hadron Collider – I am following the news about this with a great deal of interest, esp Dr Brian Cox….

It’s been great to have so much positive feedback about the Portland Sea Dragon, after working on it alone for so long. Thank you to everyone who has been in touch. I know Domini Deane the artist looks at my blog – everyone loves the illustrations for the book and I am being asked what is going to happen next, is it the same characters (esp Gregor) and will Domini illustrate? There is a Portland Sea Dragon page on Facebook where I pick up comments regularly.

I have been working on Book 3 this week, exploring the world of the Portland Pirate! And what happens when a pirate shipwreck rises from the seabed after 400 years. With a survivor… And Mrs Greychurch has acquired a stun-gun from stunyourfriends.com. Hmm

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