Saw at least 3 Gregor collie dogs at the Cricket Club fair, bounding over the jumps and dashing through the tunnel. The twins kept a close eye on me, in case I spoke to any of the owners and said something embarrassing. It was good to see friendly faces there, despite the drizzle. And the majorettes were fantastic as always. It does feel like life imitates art, I wonder why this is? Or how?

Final Proofs

Read through the proofs yesterday on line. The story seems to read differently once it’s set into pages – in some ways it reads faster, if that makes sense. Will have hard copies today and expect those will feel different again. Easier to write than the first book in the series; once the characters were established the story told itself.

My favourite character at the moment is Ryder, the surf dude, whose helping the mermaid (“Mer-babe”) look for the black dog. She’s hidden his Kangaroo designer surf board to blackmail him into helping her, after he ran over her tail on a surfboard.

We are at the Red Triangle club fair today… which is a bit weird as Mrs Groves in my story is planning to show her hopeless, badly behaved dog Gregor at the show dogs event. I keep saying to the children, “Yes, we’ll have to make sure we see Gregor”. They don’t say anything. I think they just feel sorry for me.

Watch Out, Scooby Doo!

Writing some blurb for the back cover for Enchantment of the Black Dog today. I drafted some thoughts yesterday but it reads too slowly. Too much information I think. There’s something there at the back of my mind but it’s not on the page…. When I close my eyes I can see Shaggy shouting at Scooby Doo, “Watch out, Scooby!” I wonder what that’s all about! Writing’s a strange thing….

WH Smiths Book Signing, August 2010

These photos were taken at the book signing at WH Smiths, Weymouth in August. Very busy and lots of interest from people wandering through from the beach as well as people who came along to see us.

A photo on the left is Gary Biltcliffe, author of The Spirit of Portland.

Also a photo of me and Jasmine.

Just reading excerpts from Holinshed’s Chronicles – written around the end of the 16th century, The Chronicles take a detailed look at the history of Britain and are mainly known as Shakespeare’s source for plays such as MacBeth. The history starts with the flood, after which Noah ruled over the land and the Chronicles follow history from this point. Intriguing and colourful! I’m not sure where this research is going! Although I am fascinated by the idea of a race of giants (son of Neptune, Albion) inhabiting the Kingdom and I think I will be returning to this again soon.