WH Smiths Book Signing, August 2010

These photos were taken at the book signing at WH Smiths, Weymouth in August. Very busy and lots of interest from people wandering through from the beach as well as people who came along to see us.

A photo on the left is Gary Biltcliffe, author of The Spirit of Portland.

Also a photo of me and Jasmine.

Just reading excerpts from Holinshed’s Chronicles – written around the end of the 16th century, The Chronicles take a detailed look at the history of Britain and are mainly known as Shakespeare’s source for plays such as MacBeth. The history starts with the flood, after which Noah ruled over the land and the Chronicles follow history from this point. Intriguing and colourful! I’m not sure where this research is going! Although I am fascinated by the idea of a race of giants (son of Neptune, Albion) inhabiting the Kingdom and I think I will be returning to this again soon.

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