Watch Out, Scooby Doo!

Writing some blurb for the back cover for Enchantment of the Black Dog today. I drafted some thoughts yesterday but it reads too slowly. Too much information I think. There’s something there at the back of my mind but it’s not on the page…. When I close my eyes I can see Shaggy shouting at Scooby Doo, “Watch out, Scooby!” I wonder what that’s all about! Writing’s a strange thing….

6 thoughts on “Watch Out, Scooby Doo!

  1. I'm a happy new follower!

    I agree with you, writing is a strange, yet happy place. You never know where your ideas come from, or when they'll make sense but somehow everything serves a purpose and in the end makes sense. I love that I have a husband that understands my nuttiness and doesn't run the other way!

  2. Hello, I rely on my children who are early teens to read through my mad moments. Their comments are always invaluable and they have become v good critical readers. Finished my first draft of the 'blurb' for the back cover and sent to Julie, at Roving Press. She is so good at taking things apart and making them work better!

  3. The trouble is, the more I rework the copy, the worse it becomes! If it doesn't read well right away, I pretty much have to scrap it and start again…It's never easy trying to be exciting!

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