Final Proofs

Read through the proofs yesterday on line. The story seems to read differently once it’s set into pages – in some ways it reads faster, if that makes sense. Will have hard copies today and expect those will feel different again. Easier to write than the first book in the series; once the characters were established the story told itself.

My favourite character at the moment is Ryder, the surf dude, whose helping the mermaid (“Mer-babe”) look for the black dog. She’s hidden his Kangaroo designer surf board to blackmail him into helping her, after he ran over her tail on a surfboard.

We are at the Red Triangle club fair today… which is a bit weird as Mrs Groves in my story is planning to show her hopeless, badly behaved dog Gregor at the show dogs event. I keep saying to the children, “Yes, we’ll have to make sure we see Gregor”. They don’t say anything. I think they just feel sorry for me.

2 thoughts on “Final Proofs

  1. Wow – that must be really exciting. My youngest is reading your book as we speak and really enjoying it.

    I sent my e-mail address to you via the kids. I hope you got it. 🙂

  2. Hi Kate, I did receive yr email address but it bounced back, so think I've input incorrectly! Mine is fairly public anyway so please drop me a line to I would love to hear from you. I am always excited to hear that youngsters are reading my book and enjoying it!

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