I feel better about the whole cat thing now. I’ve added a cat rescue sanctuary to Portland Pirates (book 3) so perhaps they will be happy with this! The run up to Halloween is a strange time of year as the dark nights seem to draw in so suddenly. I took this photo of the full moon over Portland a week or two ago.

Strange Days

Enchantment of the Black Dog is in the final production stages. Domini, the artist has completed the map for the book and the cover – it looks amazing. I’m sort of between books now. The third book of the series is starting to take shape but I can see there’s a lot of work to do on Portland Pirates. Everything feels a bit in-between at the moment, a strange time. I was woken on Saturday by a cat jumping off the bed. I heard its paws hit the floor, it ran to the bedroom door and miaowed. Of course, I don’t have a cat! There was no cat there at all! Later that morning, I saw a huge black cat crossing the road in Radipole, bigger than a fox, with a long curving tail! My daughter, stood next to me, didn’t see a thing…

Strange days.

Artwork – Enchantment of the Black Dog

Domini Deane has finished the artwork for the cover of Book 2, very exciting to see the characters come to life. I really like the way Domini has depicted the Giant’s head, a real Portland feature from the east coast. Here’s a preview from the cover.

Heading into St Augustine’s school, Weymouth, this week to talk to some younger children. I’m looking forward to the visit.