Bournemouth Festival of Words

Julie from Roving Press and I talked yesterday at the Bournemouth Festival of Words. It was a good session and lots of interesting questions were asked. Julie spoke about writing non-fiction and putting together a manuscript for publication. I covered writing fiction, especially for younger readers, and talked about plot structure, character and style/genre. Everyone who came along had a background in writing and there were interesting and diverse backgrounds. I hope all the writers continue to pursue their goal of getting published. Last night I was looking at the new book Dorset Voices – there are some great writers out there. Especially enjoyed the poetry.

3 thoughts on “Bournemouth Festival of Words

  1. I read your blog etc.
    Greeting from tormented Greece.
    How is the writing?
    I am busy trying to write but my mind is full of Greek politics at the moment
    Best Wishes

    • Hello Maria, I’ve thought of you several times since we met. Life in Greece must be very difficult at the moment. The writing here is going well – my first draft of The Portland Giant is complete.We had a good day at Imagine Books in Weymouth for their Local Author event; good to see Julie, Gary Biltcliffe and lots of other writers. Finally we have seen some sun today. Last week we all disappeared into fog!
      Best wishes to you too, Carol.

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