Giants! for the Free Portland News

Here is the short article on Giant research that I wrote for the local newspaper, The Free Portland News:-

For the final book in The Portland Chronicles, I decided to write about our very own Portland giant. The biggest ‘clue’ to local giants is the Giant’s Head in the east cliffs below the Grove. A sombre rocky face with deep-set eyes under heavy brows stares across the sea, like an ancient Pharaoh. I also walked around the Verne, thinking about the mysterious, tall stone-slinging people who once lived there and kept invaders away from the island.
Giants in myth and legend are intriguing too. They are wise, but famously grumpy: – Fe Fi Fo Fum, snarled the giant in the ancient saga of Jack and the Beanstalk. Giants are part of the West Country landscape, often linked by old stories to ancient landmarks, barrows, stones and hills. They are magical but clumsy: – an island appeared because a giant dropped earth from his apron; a hill arose because a giant kicked a pebble with his shoe.
During my giant research, I also walked around King Barrow Quarry. Left to regenerate for a hundred years, the quarry is full of wild flowers and butterflies, a great setting for a story. I found myself wondering about the identity of the King buried there… Could he have been a giant?

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