Writing and astrology

Being a typical Capricorn, an earth sign, I write from a sense of place and landscape. I live by Chesil Beach, close to the extraordinary Isle of Portland, and I write looking across the sea. There are big skies, swathes of turquoise water, tides that rise and fall and, as dusk draws in, a thin delicate moon. Night falls, and Portland is covered in sparkling lights. I also write with a strong, Capricornian sense of structure, a feeling for beginning, middle and end. I research the background to my stories. I draw on history and folklore. I work from the ground up.

My Aquarian rising sign is the wacky, impulsive reckless part. A wacky sense of humour can often derail a scene. Inventiveness can take me outside of any recognisable novel genre into the outer cosmos, where no reader has ever been before, and by and large does not wish to go. I try to confine my Aquarius aspect to plot twists, and the occasional poem.

The moon in Pisces brings imagination, dreams, and a disconnect from reality. This is useful as a writer, less so in other aspects of life; I’m far too busy writing a story or a poem to go shopping for food! There are visions, magical pieces of synchronicity and the ever lurking possibility of lunacy; in a ‘Victorian lady in a lacy nightdress who never gets out of bed’ kind of way.

2 thoughts on “Writing and astrology

  1. Scorpio’s a brilliant sign for a writer/artist! Powerful, clever, the sign of transformation, analytical and intuitive, with the capacity to explore the darker aspects of life! I’m sure Picasso was a Scorpio too.

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