About Carol Hunt




My stories are inspired by the sea, the coasts of Dorset, and the magical and mysterious changes to the seascape as the tides rise and fall, marking the relentless passage of time. I am fascinated by the past, and the creatures of myth, legend and Dorset folklore, who appear in my stories. I love to walk by the shore, dreaming of pirate ships, bottles with secret messages and sea dragons, Viking adventurers and ethereal sea sprites.

I went to school at Midhurst Convent in West Sussex, where (apparently) we looked like penguins in our black uniforms, with long skirts and dark blue hats. After school, I studied English Literature and History at the University of Chichester. I worked in publishing for several years and after my children were born, I also worked as an adviser to young people.

In the Portland Chronicles, Isabel Maydew explores the past, seeking the answers to difficult questions, such as why an elusive, ancient sea dragon is accused of murder. Or who exactly is the Portland Giant? And why are pirates lurking in a neighbour’s garden? Is the phantom black dog really a terrifying werewolf, or something far more amazing? My stories take the reader on a journey into the past, from the Ice Ages to the clamour of Civil War at Portland Castle, and offer a new twist to Dorset myths and legends.

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