The Portland Giant

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In the final book of the series, Isabel discovers the greatest secret of the ancient Isle of Portland.

‘You’re a witchy family. Your mum’s got red hair. Your sister’s a pumpkin,’ remarks Noah, a keen Dragoneer and Isabel’s friend.

But the local elves think Isabel isn’t a proper witch, even when she encounters a ghostly highwayman, a headless horseman, a cavalier, a magical unicorn and the keeper of the lost Vindelis lighthouse, a remarkable boy called Orso.

Her interfering little sister Suzie is very keen to find the Portland Giant, but Isabel is worried. What will a giant think of the quarries, the boats in the harbour and the modern roads that criss-cross the island, and of Isabel herself, the reluctant island witch?

The books are on sale locally, priced at £5.99. They are available from the publisher (Roving Press, tel 01300 321531,