The Portland Sea Dragon

Portland Seadragon

There’s a sea dragon flying over Portland in Dorset, a bad omen. The Islanders are afraid of him, but Isabel Maydew, aged 12, longs to meet him. She sets out on a time travelling adventure to unravel a mystery lost in the past. The sea dragon was accused of murder after the unexplained disappearance of Sally Lucke in 1616. Along the way, she is joined by her cool friend Ben, annoying little sister Suzie, and Gregor, a scruffy collie dog.

She also encounters the smuggler Joseph Groves, and the infamous island mermaid, who lures victims into Deadman’s Bay, and clearly knows far more about the dragon than she admits. Isabel sets out to discover the true story of the sea dragon and meets the fascinating island witch, who becomes an important part of Isabel’s life.

The Portland Sea Dragon is on sale locally, priced £5.99. The book is also available from the publisher (Roving Press, tel 01300 321531,